Through its blue carbon exploration, the UAE has led the region and the word in advancing recognition of blue carbon as a nature-based climate solution.

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Blue forests and blue carbon are a high priority within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Significant efforts include the Abu Dhabi Blue Carbon Demonstration Project (ADBC) and the National Blue Carbon Assessment, which quantified carbon stocks and the other services provided by coastal and marine blue carbon ecosystems along the coast of the UAE. These initiatives also contributed to the improved understanding of coastal blue carbon on the regional and international scales, including contributing lessons and experiences to the development, design, and implementation of the Blue Forests Project.


Both projects enhanced capacity at multiple stakeholder levels, including the measuring and monitoring of carbon in coastal ecosystems and the management of associated data. In addition, they identified options for the incorporation of these values into policy and management from the municipal to international scales, including the recognition of the value of coastal blue carbon in the UAE’s Nationally Determined Contribution to fulfil the Paris Agreement.

This page is an overview of the UAE Abu Dhabi Emirate Blue Forests Project. For an in-depth version of the UAE case study, click here.

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Coastal blue carbon ecosystems have the potential to annually capture 0.5%-2% of the atmospheric carbon emitted globally.

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